Wednesday, 24 April 2013


24 April 2013


It's group picture day today at school and they all have to wear their new school shirt with a blue jean. How cute is that! My little girl's first school uniform and she looks so cute! It made me sad to think that in 2 years time it's gonna be the real deal. She will be in big school then! They really do grow up to fast! Where did the time go? She was so proud ... she made me take pictures EVERYWHERE in the house! Too cute!!!

Aaaah ... my little BIG girl!


22 April 2013


Oh ... this few weeks felt like YEARS!!! I was so excited on getting my pick-up truck branded! I was like a child getting a new toy! I saw the designs and everything before and approved it and all just turned out so great! To see my child's face on my pick-up truck's sides and bonnet everyday is just so wonderful! She is so beautiful and what a perfect age to be, so I could use her! 

I had a lot of friends helping me to achieve this moment and I would like to take this moment and thank each and everyone of them:

Jenny of GAP - for the designs, branding and hours they spend to do it for me! 
Hester of Photos by Hes - for taking the beautiful pictures of the kids on my side doors. Also for borrowing your children to be in the photo with Shy.
Christelle - my baker - for baking the amazing and delicious Cat Cake for us to be in the picture. Also for borrowing your children to be in the photo with Shy.
Sabeth - my caterer - for making the delicious and colourful platter of food for the picture. Also for borrowing your child to be in the photo with Shy.
Shyenne - my dearest and wonderful daughter - for being mommy's big girl and for giving me such a beautiful and picture perfect door picture - just the way you are! I love you forever! 
Daddy - for helping me set up everything and for believing in me! Love you lots!

Last, but not least ... thank you for each little one for being so good and working so well together for making this big moment come true! In the picture with Shyenne are: Juan & Henze, Tamzin & Simone and our little Alandri! Without you guys - we would not have been able to do this! 

Thank you so much for everyone! I have the perfect team and can not imagine my life without you! Needless to say - we had a blast eating the cake and lekker sandwiches afterwards (hie-hie-hie)!!! 

My little angel Shyenne on the door with her friends

Beautiful picture by Hessie - aren't they cute!!!

Saturday, 20 April 2013


13 April 2013


I nearly died when this mommy walked into the shop en told me the theme for her son's 6th birthday!!! Finally some colours!!! This is gonna be the best party ever!!! I had SO much fun doing this - I can not even begin to tell you!!!!!!! 

The first thing that popped into my head was COLOURS & FEATHERS!!! I am gonna do everything bright and flashy like the birds of a feather deserves it to be (hie-hie-hie)!!! 

I did everything in BLACK, WHITE, RED, BLUE, GREEN, YELLOW!!! It was too cute! My party packs was in BLUE, GREEN, YELLOW & RED and I did it with a real Angry Bird face in 3D - with the eye brows, bubble eyes and beaks that I made! Too cute! On the top of it I did bright and colourful feathers. 

I also made a colourful stand with tie backs draped in different colours and Angry Bird faces from the top to the bottom and I decided to put 2 balloon bundles on both sides of it! 

I had polystyrene forms made in Angry Birds and I had a tree made for them to sit on! That turned out too cute and we planted it in sand on the table for the centerpiece and put Dandré name with sticks into the sand! 

I had my little helpers with me ... Daddy & Shyenne ... The whole table was decorated in blue, green, yellow and red with the cute plates, party packs, a cold drink for each and then I scattered around some Angry Bird Tags that I made and wished Dandré a Happy Birthday in a few of them too! 

Because of all the colours - I did not tie up a balloon for each, but we did a big bundle and put it on the food table to bring out the colour there too! Oh ... this was just so fabulous!

Thank you so much for using PARTY FANATIX!! We do appreciate it! 

We got in and out of there and gave them ... A SERVICE WITH A SMILE!!!

Flap Flap ... my story is out!!

My little feathered friend PARTY PACKS
The stand with all the ANGRY BIRD faces
Balloons on both sides of it
Front of the table with Dandré's name
Baby plated the tree in sand
Other side of table with more ANGRY BIRDS

Scattered tags on the table

Beautiful ANGRY BIRD cake
The cutest ANGRY BIRD cup cakes

- Party Packs with candy
- Polystyrene Forms
- Cakes & Cup Cakes
- Decorations
- Balloons
- Centerpieces
- Make, Do, Set Up, Picks up everything for you


13 April 2013


What a fantastic party and it was the introduction of my new POLKADOT TIE BACKS!!! This mommy wanted to do this party for her little girl the stylish way like every little girl wants to be treated! For her little one - she did it the BARBIE way for the Little Glamour Girl that her little baby is!!

Instead of centerpieces she used stands with balloons and everything was decorated in different pinks! It was glamerous for sure! She had a doll cake made and the little doll cup cakes was too cute! 

She rented everything from us and did it all in her own unique way! Well well done!!!!!! 


- Rentals
- Jumping Castles
- Cakes & Cup Cakes
- Balloons


6 April 2013


This Mommy did so much effort for her little one's birthday to be special! Hello Kitty purrrrrred everywhere in the garden and it all looked fabulous after all the hard work to put it together! She was very specific of how she wanted everything to be done, so we did it that way for her! It all turned out purrrrrrfect!!!

She wanted an AIRWALKER that turned out so great and no centerpieces on the kiddies table, but on the cake table rather and everything was decorated in the colours of her choice: Fairy Pink, Baby Blue, Baby Pink, White & Yellow!!! It looked fantastic! I let the characters be made out of polystyrene and Baby helped me to make the centerpiece and painted it. I cut out the name and we glued it all up and Baby did the clouds with cotton wool! How cool is that!!!

The mommy's biggest wish was a balloon tree and with her help the 2 of us did it all!They had the perfect tree to do it! Everything was so bright and colourful!!!

I also had the opportunity again to face paint for the little ones! They had a blast!!!! This was only my 2nd time and everything went so much faster and I had really amazing request from everyone! I enjoyed every minute of it!

Thank you for using us to do your party and as always - it was SERVICE WITH A SMILE!!!

Shy standing by the Airwalker
My Party Packs
Draping for Dané
Centerpiece that Baby helped me with
Balloon tree

Hello Kitty
Small Dalmation
All my little Face Paint buddies

- Balloons
- Face Painting
- Centerpieces
- Party Packs
- Polystyrene Forms
- Jumping Castles
- Tables, Chairs, Chair Covers, Table Cloths, Tie backs for the little ones
- Draping and Décor
- We deliver, set-up and pick up for you


2 April 2013


Wow!!! The 3 months to work in my resignation just flew by!! I can not believe it! The big moment I waited for my whole life was finally here! I am so proud and can not wait to get started! 

Please come and visit us:

78 Jan Hofmeyr Road
Minolta Business Park

Trading Hours:

Monday - Friday 08:00 - 16:00
Saturdays - we are our doing parties all around
Sundays - Closed

Friday, 19 April 2013


4 April 2013


Shyenne has been asking us for MONTHS that she wants a new puppy and we did not think if was a good idea after the deaths of our dogs a while back and after her other puppy got so badly bullied by Zaila, etc ... a never ending story!! She promised to take care of it and she actually asked for a girl, but it did not turn out that way (hie-hie-hie)! So we decided to buy stuff for the little newcomer through time and EVERYTHING is in PINK!!! We finally found the cutest little bundle - a cross between a Chihuahua and a Jack Russel - of energy and will and could not resist. It was a BOY!! Shyenne named him BUBU - too cute! Now we have to re-buy everything that we collected through the months (hie-hie-hie), but our little Shyenne is just so happy! The 2 of them play and laugh all the time and we promised her that he can sleep in bed with her, so she absolutely LOVES it! 

I just love that puppy smell and he stays at home with Zaila sometimes or come to the shop with me! Very spoiled!

Our Zaila was oh so jealous in the beginning, but luckily this one bullies her and stand his little man and she is also not lonely anymore, so we did great! Now it's the potty training phase to get under control ... wish us good luck!

Diva Zaila ... spoiled as it is!

The 2 puppies lying together in a beer box - CRAZY!!!


Shy & Bubu in the beer box