Saturday, 16 February 2013


16 February 2013


We dug deep into our inner Zen for this one and used our Yin & Yan to do it Ninja Style for this boy who turned 10!!!! There is no theme like that here in South Africa, so I made everything myself! I made little Ninja heads for the plates and wrote in Chinese around it! I made headbands for them instead of party hats and used karate belt straps with a red dot and Chinese writing on both sides of it! The party packs was Chinese Food Containers with Chop Sticks and the serviettes was protected by Ninja stars. Of course we had a Zen-Garden for our Ninja to cool off after the fight! Everything was decorated Chinese style in red, white and black with paper lanterns to provide the perfect soft light. 

The plates I made with Ninja Face and Chinese writing around it
Chinese Food Containers for party packs with chop sticks

Headbands that I made for all the Ninjas


Ninja in his Zen Garden after a long fight

Painted Cake with Zekhele's name written in Chinese

My little helpers
Cakes & Cup Cakes
Jumping Castle 
Fun Party Packs
Polystyrene Forms

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