Tuesday, 14 May 2013


4 May 2013


My little family was not there with me for the Birthday Bash and I really missed them on this big event! Daddy decided to take Shy fishing with him for the 1st time all alone! My brother also came through for the weekend, so the 3 of them took off early that morning on that cold day! 

Shy was playing in the car a little bit and Riaan called her later and asked her to get him a "cookie" from the ice cream container. She was so excited and opened it to discover that it was filled with Plat Annas and they started to crawl to the top when the lid opened. She got a scare of her life and quickly shut the lid and screamed:  "THEY'RE AWAKE!! THEY'RE AWAKE"!!! Daddy & Riaan lost it with laughter to that little face, but she has such a great sense of humour and laughed just as hard with them! 

Her little fishing rod was the first one to get a bite that day and she cast it all out by herself. She screamed for help the whole time, but Daddy & Riaan stood back and said she must pull it out by herself! She did it!!! My little Princess did it all by herself!!! 

We are all so proud!! Congratulations Shy!!! You did so good my sweet! She said she had a blast with Daddy and will go again! She is absolutely better than me (hie-hie-hie)!!!

I took everything that was left over from the Bash home for her to join in the fun too! She did her colouring in and built her own cup cake and she had a blast! Good girl!!!

Love you both so much and thank you Babes for taking her out with you! She's growing up so fast and we need to do the little things with her while we still can! 

Daddy & Shy with the fish she caught

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