Saturday, 16 February 2013


14 February 2013


My day started very bad with my one boss going off on me about the alarm in front of the alarm company! It got a little bit better later when each of us received a flower from one of our colleagues and a rose was delivered for each of as from Zurich! That was very sweet. When I got home Shy told me there's a "Mr Price" in the bedroom for me ... my husband got me a teddy with a flower.

Then the cherry on top came for my day ... It was Volkskool's Athletics!!! Our little athlete looked so cute and we were all so excited! 

Our little Athlete with her Valentine's Day flower
The program started with the whole school chanting "Jam Blikke Vis Blikke" ... with the teachers. Then the Grade R's ran first and then our little ones all got a chance to run. Shy was just giggling away!!!

Waiting for the program to start

Chanting ... Jam Blikke Vis Blikke ...

Becoming a little bit nervous

Aaaah ... look at her go!!! 
Then they were all divided into groups ... I was one of the group leaders and we all took our little athletes to do field work! It was just too cute for words!!

First we did javelin with little broom sticks. Our parents were almost hit a few times (hie-hie-hie) ...

  After that they did shot put with little beanie bags ...

Fantastic shot!!!
The final item was long jump! They had a blast doing this one ...

 Shy showed us how many medallions she wants ...

Aaaaah ... they all had so much fun and then they all got a chance to receive their medallions (little chocolate coins on a string)!!! We are so proud Shy - you did so good!

Well done Volkskool! We had a blast! Can not wait until next year!!!


16 February 2013


We dug deep into our inner Zen for this one and used our Yin & Yan to do it Ninja Style for this boy who turned 10!!!! There is no theme like that here in South Africa, so I made everything myself! I made little Ninja heads for the plates and wrote in Chinese around it! I made headbands for them instead of party hats and used karate belt straps with a red dot and Chinese writing on both sides of it! The party packs was Chinese Food Containers with Chop Sticks and the serviettes was protected by Ninja stars. Of course we had a Zen-Garden for our Ninja to cool off after the fight! Everything was decorated Chinese style in red, white and black with paper lanterns to provide the perfect soft light. 

The plates I made with Ninja Face and Chinese writing around it
Chinese Food Containers for party packs with chop sticks

Headbands that I made for all the Ninjas


Ninja in his Zen Garden after a long fight

Painted Cake with Zekhele's name written in Chinese

My little helpers
Cakes & Cup Cakes
Jumping Castle 
Fun Party Packs
Polystyrene Forms


15 February & 16 February 2013


Party Fanatix got invited to the Medi-Clinic: Pregnancy Seminar Weekend to come and show the mothers-to-be what we do! Only child related companies get a chance to participate in this seminar. It only happens once a year and we are privileged to be part of it! 

We decided to do it ... JUNGLE FEVER!!! It's unisex and fun for all! I put out a little table and decorated it like we do every time and added a centerpiece and some jungle decorations! Everything was decorated in yellow, orange and different greens. We added flavour with fun balloons! How cute is that! I made posters so that the parents can see what we do and I also handed out pamphlets. Perfect! 

Thank you Medi-Clinic for using us! We do appreciate it and that's what it's all about ... SERVICE WITH A SMILE ... and waiting for new little feet to come into this world and have a party with us! 

God bless you all! 

- Any function and occasion:  Birthdays for kids/adults, Weddings, 21st, Sweet 16, Kitchen Tea, Baby Shower, Bachelor/Bachelorette Party, Christening, Christmas Functions, Work Functions, etc
-  Party Organizing
- Theme Decorating
- Themed Party Packs
- Party Equipment
- Food & Platters (parents and kids)
- Jumping Castles
- Themed Cakes & Cup Cakes
- Photographer
- Rentals of children's chairs, chair covers, tables, table cloths, tie backs & umbrellas
- Face Painting
- Balloon Sculpting
- Balloons
- Polystyrene Forms
- Banners, Invitations & Personalizing 
- Party-In-A-Box
- Games & Entertainment
- Plus much more!

Friday, 15 February 2013


2 February 2013


This Major turned 12 years old and our mission was to provide him with the best party EVER!!! We did it BOOT CAMP style at Bundu Game Lodge ... Everything was camouflaged, so that no one can spot them. Each soldier got their own Top Secret Mission Suitcase with everything they need in there to survive the heat and hunger! For sun protection they each received a bandanna or they could cool off in the pool and in case they got lost or something happened to them on their mission - they each got a Dog Tag with their name on! Netting was provided and their guns and hats hung from it for each reach when enemy strikes and they needed it! Each private completed their mission ... TO HAVE A BLAST ... and they even showed bravery by jumping on the Crocodile jumping castle and defeating it!! 

"Well done Soldiers! You served us proud!!! Mission completed"!!

The best part was when the parents walked in and and the dad froze in his steps ... looked at everything and said: "This is cool ... This is SO COOL"!!

Thank you for using us to make your day special! That's what it's all about ... SERVICE WITH A SMILE ... and fighting to survive ... even if it's just make believe (hie-hie-hie)!!! 

My little Shy battling the Crocodile first ...
Boys can not have all the fun!!!

Jumping Castles 
Fun Party Packs