Tuesday, 26 March 2013


2 March 2013:

I helped Sonja with this one ... 

This little one turned 3!!!!! She and her cousin stood by and watched second for second how we decorated everything for her party. They did not say one word!! It all came out so beautiful!!! Everything was in different pinks, white, black, purple & blue! A perfect combination to bright up anything! The little flags & lanterns topped the whole scene and they were all so happy!! The cake & cup cakes looked so great and makes you actually scared to eat it. It was just all so pretty ...

We left there in no time and like we believe in ... SERVICE WITH A SMILE to make your memories last a lifetime!!!! 

The centerpiece

Cup Cakes

Themed  - Minnie Mouse balloons
Hand made party hats to fit the theme

Minnie Mouse cake


- Centerpieces
- Themed Balloons
- Themed Cakes
- Themed Cup Cakes


Losing someone you love is never easy ...  Losing a parent is very hard and losing a child is even worse!!! The pain ... The memories ... The family and friends that's left behind ... The questions ... The answers you will never get ... The anger ... The mouring ... The healing part ... The never forgotten part ...

How does one deal with it? This is the hardest question to answer, because everyone deals with grief in a different way and in their own way! That does not make one person wrong and the other one right. As long as you can cope with the way to the healing part ... Sadness can bring the strongest to their knees! Have faith and never bottle up - go out and rather share! There's also a lot of groups these days that help each other to go through a similar situation. 

I think most of us have lost someone and knows the feeling of lost! My husband and I started the last 2 years with the lost of a parent ... It scares me when a year starts like that to think what the rest of the year will bring, because it just did not start good at all!!!

I dedicate this post to everyone that has lost someone, busy losing someone and dealing with someone that's sick or on their dying bed ... God bless you All!


My Mother-In-Law:  Cornelia Johanna Laubscher (Connie/Bianca)
Rest in Peace:  28 July 1961 - 17 February 2013
Funeral:  Empangeni on 24 February 2013

She was very sick with a brain tumour for a long time and her brain was shrinking. It sounds very painful to me and no one wants their loved ones to suffer. Her organs started failing one by one ...

My Baby looks just like his mom ...
Her grandchildren - Brandon, Geraldene & Shyenne

Her children - Piet & Natasha

Coffin in the car with beautiful flowers ...

Baby carries his mom ...

Putting rose petals on her coffin before they drove away ...

My Dad:  Barend Johannes Bezuidenhout (Johan)
Rest in Peace:  7 July 1954 - 15 January 2012
Funeral:  Groblersdal on 19 January 2012

My dad and his girlfriend was walking through the vinyards, like they always do and he had a heart attack. In the hospital he had another heart attack after they tried everything to revive him, but his heart just could not take it anymore! My brother and aunt Marietjie was with him. It all happened so fast - we were already packing to leave in Welkom, but it was just too late ...

My dad & aunt Marietjie - so happy & in love ...

Riaan & my dad singing loud & proud

Shy and my dad spending quality time a
few days before his death
God send us the most beautiful rainbow 

Aunt Marietjie busy doing the flowers for my dad's
coffin and Shy helping - it was her final wish to do
for my dad ...

Perfect! He would have loved it! Thank you ...

His coffin with beautiful flowers
Riaan, me and aunt Marietjie carrying my dad ...
Shy & I putting flowers on the coffin before they drove away ...