Tuesday, 14 May 2013

HATS - 2013

We love to be creative and we have mommies that loves to be unique too! 
We have created some very cute hats so far for different parties where the mommy does not want the ordinary! 
How cute are these and we love to make more!!!

Minnie Mouse Hats

101 Dalmation Party


We love to help out where we can for the mommies and I know invitations take up a lot of time! 
Please remember that is what we are here for! 
We love to do it and I have made some very cute invitations so far! 
Please share ideas and give us more to do! 

Thank you to all our FANS & FRIENDS for your support and loyalty! 
Without you we will be nothing! 

Minnie Mouse invites made by Jenny
Disney Princess invitations by me

Lady Bug invitations - Closed - made by me
Lady Bug invitations - Opened up

Hello Kitty invitations - slide ins - made by me


4 May 2013


Oh what a pretty party this turned out!!! This mommy did SO much effort in buying little gifts and things for the little ones that the table was FULL!!! There was no room for nothing!!! Everything was so perfectly done in the yard and for the party. She was very specific in everything that she wanted and I was happy to do it so! It was decorated in pure white with balloons and baby pink & purple. I also laid my decor out in pink and purple and everything looked amazing, except for the cold weather still going on and the wind was blowing non stop!!! I just could not get the banner to be still and in the end had to take a picture of it one-by-one. It was just horrible! It actually turned out so cute, because I could put her name with all 10 the princesses. The jumping castle was up, so the little ones had a blast! 

The table was set up in light pink with a beautiful net around it. The rest was decorated in pink & purple with a centerpiece of the princesses & princess shoes. Then I finished it off with the buckets, gifts & candy everywhere!!! What a blast and how colourful! Everything perfect for a princess touch ... 

I also did face painting there, but it was so cold, so the little ones jumped on the castle to stay warm and in the end it was only 2 volunteers for the face painting. The oldest one of the crowd and the youngest one of the crowd. How special was that!
I got a lot of compliments from all the guests and the business appreciate it so much! That is what we need and what keeps us going and we do it party-by-party ... SERVICE WITH A SMILE!! 

Birthday girl Chrislynne's special chair

Bucket, gifts and goodies for the girls
Buckets, gifts and goodies for the boys
The whole table with the net

The banner spelling out CHRISLYNNE

Hello Kitty

- Jumping Castles
- Party Packs
- Decor & Centerpieces
- Face Painting
- Balloons
- Set up & Pick up


4 May 2013


My little family was not there with me for the Birthday Bash and I really missed them on this big event! Daddy decided to take Shy fishing with him for the 1st time all alone! My brother also came through for the weekend, so the 3 of them took off early that morning on that cold day! 

Shy was playing in the car a little bit and Riaan called her later and asked her to get him a "cookie" from the ice cream container. She was so excited and opened it to discover that it was filled with Plat Annas and they started to crawl to the top when the lid opened. She got a scare of her life and quickly shut the lid and screamed:  "THEY'RE AWAKE!! THEY'RE AWAKE"!!! Daddy & Riaan lost it with laughter to that little face, but she has such a great sense of humour and laughed just as hard with them! 

Her little fishing rod was the first one to get a bite that day and she cast it all out by herself. She screamed for help the whole time, but Daddy & Riaan stood back and said she must pull it out by herself! She did it!!! My little Princess did it all by herself!!! 

We are all so proud!! Congratulations Shy!!! You did so good my sweet! She said she had a blast with Daddy and will go again! She is absolutely better than me (hie-hie-hie)!!!

I took everything that was left over from the Bash home for her to join in the fun too! She did her colouring in and built her own cup cake and she had a blast! Good girl!!!

Love you both so much and thank you Babes for taking her out with you! She's growing up so fast and we need to do the little things with her while we still can! 

Daddy & Shy with the fish she caught


4 May 2013


Yay!!!!!! My 1st birthday bash for my business! I was so proud and just could not wait any longer!!! We decided to do a colouring competition at Shy's school Welkom Volkskool Pre-Primary!!! We advertised the big day on our facebook page and we drove from school-to-school to hand out pamphlets. Everyone got so excited about it! We also advertised it in the VISTA newspaper and we really got a lot of response from that! 

I made pages to colour in for 3 categories:  0 - 2,  2 - 4 and 4 - 6 years old! I set up 3 tables with chairs for the little ones to colour in and put crayons out for them and 2 tables was set up to decorate their own cup cakes. On that I had different colour icings with smarties & jelly tots for toppings. We gave each child a cold drink, balloon and I did the face painting for them! 

It was the COLDEST & WINDIEST day you can even imagine!!! Just a few kids showed up - it was so sad, but they had a blast! The rest of the kids was at home, but most of them had a sport day on! We did not know about it until later! 

The few that was there made it all the worth while for us! They did their pictures and handed it in. After that they got their faces paint, a balloon, had a cold drink and decorated their cup cakes. They played and swinged around and everyone waited until everybody had a chance to finish their little piece of art! 

My mommy picked 2 daddies & 1 mommy out of the parents to be the judges for us! They each went through their category and picked out 1 drawing that they liked. We announced the winners for the 3 categories and they each received a gift from me! Then we had a draw out of that 3 winners and we then announced our big winner for the day!!!! To everyone's surprise the littlest one of all was the big winner to receive his birthday for FREE this year for 10 kids!!! How wonderful is that!!! 

We were proud and the parents were proud! I can not wait to do his birthday for him! It's gonna be so much fun! The mommy also wrote us the most beautiful message on facebook and we do appreciate that! 

Congratulations again Austin! We appreciate you being part of our big day! Thank you so much for all the parents and little ones that came out for our big day in that cold weather! We do appreciate it! Thank you Sonja for taking the pictures and being with me on this big day! Thank you for starting all this and making it such a wonderful business! I can not be prouder! Christelle, thank you for the cup cakes & icing! Mom and Ivana - thank you for helping with the fees, picking judges, cleaning up, etc! Thank you  for the daddy's and mommy to be judges and also to whose who helped us cleaning up!

God bless you all and happy birthday PARTY FANATIX

Colouring Pages
Cup cakes & Cold drinks
Tables & Chairs for the little ones
Icing & Toppings
Prizes for the day

Spiderman with his cup cake

Pirate, Hello Kitty & Princess with their cup cakes


Busy with their work of art

Building their cup cakes


Shy with her cup cake

- Cup Cakes
- Face Painting
- Balloons

Monday, 13 May 2013


3 May 2013


Mpho was turning 3 and his grandmother decided to give him an amazing Ben 10 party at school to share with all his friends! Everything turned out so great! I did it all in different greens, yellow and black! 

I was so nervous and did not know what to expect, but it all went so well and the set up was so quick! 

Everyone was so helpful at the school and we got all the tables set outside, because it was such a great day! The little ones got so excited and they all helped out to bring their own chairs out and some of them even manage to carry the tables! It was so cute - they are still so little! The whole school started to come out and hanged out by the fence and watched every move that I made! I put down the buckets with their cup cakes and blowouts and lastly I did the balloons and everything was just way cool like the superhero he is! Mpho loved it and the cake matched everything! 

What a wonderful party and what a honour to do it for them! I had a blast! I did it quick and set it all up and as always it was ... SERVICE WITH A SMILE! 

Happy birthday Mpho!!!

Beautiful classroom party outside
Party Pack, Cup Cake & Cold Drink
Beautiful Ben 10 cake

Thank You Note on Bottles


- Cakes & Cup Cakes
- Party Packs filled with Sweets
- Personalized stickers, decor, etc
- Balloons

Sunday, 12 May 2013


26 April 2013


Kingdom Ministries found us and made us part of a very special event!! The church wants to raise funds to make a new playground for the kids! What a fantastic idea and they decided to make it a very special evening by making a 3-course Seafood Meal!!! We were so honored to be part of this and could not wait anymore for the big day to arrive!

I got a great team to help me that night! They wanted us to do face painting, balloon sculpting for them and a Clown for entertainment! I gave them the best team and the BEST Clown EVER!!! We were very busy with the kids and painting their faces away! Daddy did the balloon sculpting and he had a crowd all night long with little faces watching him doing his creations! The Clown was fantastic with all his tricks and magic ... and had to entertain the adults and the kids ... even Shy got her share of magic ... He told her to blow on the sponge in his hand. It disappeared and he made it re-appear out of her ear! it was SO funny! That little face was priceless and she felt time and time again if there was not something else in her ear (hie-hie-hie)!!! 

The whole event was fun and we had a blast. The kids was entertained and even the church had activities for them. The parents had time to sit down and just enjoy! 

Thank you again Kingdom Ministries for inviting us to be part of this wonderful event! We enjoyed it so much and can not wait for the next event! We did what we did and pleased the crowd ... SERVICE WITH A SMILE!!!

Calm before the storm ...
Balloon sculptings


Flower Girl

Heart Face



Pirates Rule!!!

Half Hulk / Half Pirate

Princess with Flower
Cat with claws

Daddy with balloon sculpting

Shyenne getting her magic trick

My busy bees working very hard

Jumping Castle ... always a winner

Daddy with his own little crowd


Shy ... our little Hello Kitty


Fish Girl


- Face Painting
- Balloon Sculpting
- Clown
- Entertainment
- Jumping Castle